Re: Amel Maramu 46 manuals/documentation.

Vic, welcome to the group. When i bought 1989 Maramu # 261 a few years ago and posed almost the same question to the group and received almost the exact response. It seems they didn't have an owners manual (I would like to be proved wrong) even though the original owner was English and paid 2.484.154,00 FF . Sounds like a lot, I copied the number from the invoice, maybe someone could tell us what that is in dollars. I did get some original drawings on parchment paper with dimensions in English and I can post them in the photo section. Good luck with your new boat and if you ever find that owners manual let me know. If you have questions for the group I have found its better to use OLD Maramu in the subject line, we are outnumbered. Best Regards, Ross 1989 Maramu #261

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