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Mark Pitt

I do not know what kind of connectors are used on our water lines.
The "professional" verion of these in-line TFS meters comes equipped
with 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch John Guest Quick-Connect T-fittings.
From the John Guest web site ( it would
seem that they have connectors and adaptors for all size pipe and
hoses. You could then just splice the meter into the line. These
meters have tow sensors -- one for input water and one for output
water. I do not see any reason to even bother with the former. These
must have been designed for in-home RO systems where the quality of
the input water, perhaps from a well, is of more interest.

Regards, Mark

Mark Pitt ASM #419 Sabbatical III

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Hi Mark:

Do you know what type of connectors are used on the watermater
product water line of the
vintage our our SM's. I am referring to the gray plastic product
water line coming out of the
end of the stainless steel end caps and going to the control panel.
Do you know if these
connectors could be spliced into those lines?

Regards, Gary Silver s/v Liahona Amel SM2000 Hull # 335

Mark stated:

There are in-line TDS meters that attach to the water line
with John Guest quick connectors. The sensor connects to a small
LCD display. They run on batteries, one model on button cell
batteries and the other on 2 AAA. Battery life is 1000 hours.
The meters cost less than $50. I found them at
and at

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