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Aldo Roldan

Thank you for such a remarkable account.  It certainly gives much peace of mind knowing what our boats can stand.  One question: to what point(s) of the boat was the Jordan drogue attached to?  I have heard the jib sheet winches being recommended, but also heard the stern cleats could be suitable.  Have you reinforced any of the attachment points beyond what it was done originally by Amel?

Moonshot sm2000 396

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Eric , That's good to hear and also amazing ,considering the water pressure exerted by a cockpit full of water. 100 knts. ,60 ft. seas , sounds like a hell of a ride, not sorry I could not have been there. Pat SM #123
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The only place the water entered Kimberlite is where the pin from the midships berth goes through the boat to hold the engine room hatch closed.
a piece of duct tape fixed that.
otherwise Bone dry Below.
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Eric, With the cockpit filled with water , did water make its way past the seals and into the engine room ?  Pat SM123
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If you google "prepare for survival conditions" you will see an article about us in a hurricane for 36 hours with winds to 100 knots and seas 60 feet.
we had the companionway closed and all the curtains up.
The curtains held up well bud did eventually separate at the zippers . we sewed th zippers closed. now I have added webbing to either side of the zippers so we can tie then closed if the zippers fail..
we had waves break over the entire boat and all I saw numerous times was the two masts sticking out of the sea.  this went on at least hourly for the entire hurricane as we were stern to the wind and waves on a Jordan series drogue.
we never took a drop of water below. The speed that the cockpit drains is amazing.
Fair winds,
Eric Sm 376 Kimberlite
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Hi all.
Remember the cockpit cover is not your main defence against water getting below. In fact it is wide open to seas from behind. I met one European SM owner who had a wave splash into the cockpit from behind and down the open companion way onto all his electronics at the nav station with brutal results. And that was just a big splash.
In bad weather where seas are likely to break over the boat the companion way should be closed. As we have said before we have added curtains that enclose the whole cockpit which stops the splashes but in serious weather that might challenge the integrity of the windows the closed companionway is essential.
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The primary thing holding the side windows is adhesive, not the screws. I believe the adhesive is plenty strong enough to hold the 10mm plexiglass against any breaking wave. Bill BeBe 387


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