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eric freedman

Hi Ian and Judy,

Thanks for the info. I noticed from the photos that I took when I was on Penazen that your heater seems to take the air from the side of the cockpit seat . Is that correct?

Fair Winds





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Hi Eric,  we have the D5LC 24volt. It's 14 years old and Espar may  now have a different one. Wonderful bit of kit. We ran it every day in Chile and still use it in the Med.
We also used two domestic fan heaters, 220v , 2kw each. Run both those and the Espar and your boat will be dry and warm in an instant.
Oh, and don't forget the aircon heaters, though they aren't hugely effective when it's really cold , but good for ventilating the boat.
Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Corfu

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I would like to know what model number of an  espar heater that has been  factory installed by Amel on super maramus. I already have the fresh air system with ductwork installed. I just wonder what model some of you have on your Super Maramu and is it sufficient to heat the boat in very cold climates?

Fair winds,


Sm 376 Kimberlite


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