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eric freedman


I use the original factory spinnaker halyard to fly my gennaker .

If you saw the beautiful job the fabricator did in St Martin you would want the same. I am thrilled with my bowsprit. If you send me your email I will send a few photos.


With respect to the Drogue, I had loops spliced into the ends of the bridle as the line is too big to tie down to the aft cleats.

I use leather chafe gear with Velcro inside and wrap it around the bridle at the chocks and where it passes by the backstays. I then use cable ties to secure them in place. We checked the leathers every hour during the hurricane.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite SM 376



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Good morning Eric, I am looking for some advice on selecting an off the shelf bow sprit and how you have mounted your series drogue on Kimberlite and fly downwind sails?

I am looking at a Selden bow sprit....I know you fabricated your own...I am interested if you looked at off the shelf options. 

I am curious at how your mast head is set up for for flying your light air downwind sail. Is there an issue with the sail halyard catching the top swivel furling horns if the standard blocks are used? Do we have to look at fabricating some kind of forward facing extension for the Halyard block?

I also just read the ON article on your trip to the Caribbean in October and the use of the series drogue. (great read) You mention at the end 

"I am also designing a different set of attachment points for the drogue bridle so we can adjust it without putting strain on the backstay"

Just wondering how you originally attached the drogue and if you found a better solution to prevent chafe on the backstay. We will order ours shortly and modify the bridle if you have any suggestions.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Terry Singh

SV Libby


San Diego soon to depart on


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