Re: tips on buying a new Amel


1-25-2002 Hi Mark. My name is Gary Silver. I
ordered an Amel Super Maramu on my 50th birthday (May
2000). There was a 13 month lead time at that point and
we took delivery July of 2001). We just completed
our sail across the Atlantic to Guadeloupe. We sailed
from La Rochelle to the Canaries in July 2001. Joel
Potter has been great. He is honest, forthright, and you
can take his word to the bank. Our only trouble with
the purchase process was that the financing broker
recommended by Joel had his main bank go bankrupt three weeks
before we closed. Our financing plans which had been in
place for over a year were suddenly non-existent. Joel
and the Offshore Financial broker did their best to
help but I can attest that there wasn't another
financial institution in this country who ususally finances
offshore boats that would then touch this project, I
called each one personally. Thank heavens I had a
personal relationship with my own banker who came throught
with financing in short order for me. The Amel SM is a
marvelous boat, extremely well thought out and a pleasure
to sail. The Amel factory, service and warranty
people are superb. Make sure you take a factory tour
while your boat is being built (or anytime), it will
really confirm in your mind the quality of the boat and
the organization and people you are dealing with.
Jean Jacques (the head guy or big cheese) and Olivier
in the La Rochelle warranty facility are<br>superb.
The one week owner shool is invaluable. Equipment
suggestions: hand grab rails on the stern, get the optional
hand grab rail on the setee table, I am currently
looking into getting additional hand grab rails in each
of the showers (when you are trying to shower while
at sea there isn't anything to hold onto in the head
because the shower curtain is drawn around), I am also
seeing what I can do to get extra grab rails on the
ceiling of the main aft cabin and forward cabin, look
into having the B & G, GPS, and autopilot interfaced
to each other (I did it myself after the fact and it
was a pain), get the crash bar in front of the stove
(the lack of this as a standard feature is the only
really safety related fault that I have found), get the
extra fans and fan outlets (in fact I wish I had
gotten<br>more fans, 10 instead of 6) for when you don't want to
run the AC, Joel will guide you wisely on the other
available options, trust his experience. If you are having
extra electronics installed that require cabinetry
modifcation have the Amel yard do the work as it is built. I
am currently looking into some cabinetry work due to
extra electronics and the Amel woodwork is so beautiful
I wish I would have had it done initially. No boat
is perfect but this one comes close. One last
thought, get the fresh air ventilation system, it is
essential when it is raining outside. In fact I would ask
them if there is some way to plumb a vent from it into
the quarter birth (the one to the starborad side of
the engine compartment), ventilation there is the
least satisfactory in the entire boat and there is no
AC there. <br>Hope this helps. Sincerely, Gary PS if
you want to talk please feel free to call me at
801-451-0499 (evenings are best)

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