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maramu_49 <maramu_49@...>

Apparently, something truncated the email address as pasted. I'll
try again.



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There was a typo in the email address John gave us for Rod
Boreham. It's:
rod.boreham@a... <rod.boreham@a...>.

I spoke with Rod for about an hour yesterday about several of
the issues discussed on this board. He was very helpful, and
clarified all of my concerns and questions. As John said, there are
a lot of misconceptions floating around. Rod is apparently going to
post a reply clarifying a lot of the issues we've all raised. Since
I've never even operated a watermaker before, I'm in no way the
least bit qualified to properly explain his recommendations. I'll
leave that to Rod. There is, however, one important item he told me
that I think would be of immediate benefit to the members.

The "pickling" agents, sodium metabisulphite et al, are
extremely caustic to the membranes, and will reduce their lives
considerably if used incorrectly. Rod indicated that "incorrectly",
meant either too often and/or in too strong a solution. He said
they should be used only once a year "at most", and less often if
not required. He also recommended erring on the side of a more
dilute mixture, rather than too concentrated. They should only be
used if there is a clogging of the membranes which significantly
reduces the product flow. If that's the case, the agents will break
up the caked-on deposits from the membranes' surfaces to restore
proper flow. If not, they aren't doing much good, and are more
likely to cause harm to the membranes. Perhaps this contributed to
the early demise of your own.

If my interpretation of Rod's explanation isn't totally
accurate, I apologize, but I did think it was worth posting in the
interest of preventing anyone from doing any unnecessary damage
until Rod can explain things accurately.


Steve SM #340

amelliahona <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
Dec 16 2005

I have looked at your pics several times. I think they are a good
resourse. I am not certain at
what resolution they are downloaded but perhaps many of us have
uploaded bigger files than
are absolutely necessary.

I tried emailing Dessalator's UK agent Rod Boreham at the address
you gave and it came back
as undeliverable. Any thoughts?

Regards, Gary

Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335 s/v Liahona

Sailing Sailing yacht Amel Boating sailing


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