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I used to be confused about this. 

GRT & NRT - Gross & Net tonnage is a calculated number based on the internal volume and has almost nothing to no with the measured weight of the vessel.

I tried to find a good explanation of it, and think it may best be explained here:

Of course, then there is Displacement...which is also not really an accurate weight of the vessel because the density of the sea water further confuse you, there is loaded displacement and empty displacement.

Then to absolutely confuse everyone, the scales on a travel lift are notoriously totally unreliable.

I believe there is only one fact that is totally true and understood by us all: 
Your Amel weighs more than the day she was new and usually gains weight every year until you divorce her...then miraculously, she looses weight.

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The US documentation originally filled out by Amel list the gross tonnage at 28 tons and 25 tons net. this is US tons and not metric long tons.
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My friend Kaj has an Amel 54 which read 27 tonnes on the travel lift gauge -   he has a lot of gear on that boat though, a lot more than we have on Elyse.

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