Re: tips on buying a new Amel


Hi,<br>I agree with everything Gary just wrote
about the Amel experience and the boat. We bought our
first Amel in 1983, a Maramu, and in 1996 didn't even
consider another boat when we bought our Super Maramu. We
added a lot of options to our SM, and almost all of
them are now standard. A couple of thoughts to add to
Gary's: Add hot water to the cockpit shower (if it isn't
already standard), add a Racor filter to the fuel line to
the engine and generator (again it may be standard by
now). And buy your life raft and dinghy in France --
they're half the price of the same models in the US (as
long as you buy European models such as Zodiac, Avon,
or Novurania, etc.)<br>Good luck, and enjoy your
Amel!<br>Roy Benveniste<br>SM "Excalibur" #195

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