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Out sailing from point a to b today. I do not have access to my files.

If you are talking about Climma fan capacitors, I posted a detail posting that Gary Silver made. I created a photo and placed it in the Climma folder on the Amel Owners website. If you look at photos arranged newest first it will be the 1st.

If you are talking about the 230v engine room exhaust fan, it is the same capacitor as the 2 identical fan capacitors on the Climma control box...I am not sure, but think it is 2mfd.

All of these capacitors are "run capacitors.

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Do you also remember the exhaust fan capacitors specs?
I am just trying to build up some spares.
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Run Capacitors #387
160 liter Low Pressure pump - 12.5 mfd
160 liter High Pressure pump - 2 each 30 mfd
Climma Saltwater pump 10 mfd

I would buy 370 volts or higher

There are some photos in the photo section search on key word capacitor, or try following this link...not sure if the link will work: 

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 I have a 160 liter per hour watermaker. does anyone with a hull number
close to mine know what size Uf capacitors the Lp and Hp pumps use . Also the Calpeda A/C
Fair winds,
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