Custom Rocna 40kg Anchor for SM


Hello everyone and happy holidays!

On the bow of my Super Maramu has been a 60lb. CQR. I've been
investigating moving to both a heavier anchor and one of the new
generation anchor (Spade/Rocna/Bugel), but unfortunately, the 120
Spade and the 50kg Rocna have shanks that are too high
(thickness/width not an issue) so that they won't 'come home' when
pulled in the primary (enclosed) anchor roller assembly on my Super
Maramu. (I wasn't about to change or modify the well-designed
integral bow roller/anchor washdown assembly to accept these big
anchors.) Even the Rocna 40kg model wouldn't fit--according to the
mockups I made.

Good news is that Mark Pocock of Suncoast Marine, the Canadian
manufacturer of the Rocna for the N.A. markets, custom built a Rocna
40kg anchor to my shank specifications (which was given the AOK by
the inventor in NZ). The price I paid was equal to the cost of the
Rocna 50kg. I'll post a photo or two of the installed Rocna 40kg
when we get more storage in the Photos section.

Richard Tate
SM #5 "Spice"

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