Watermaker Fresh Water Flush Automatic Retrofit

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

19 Dec 2005

Dessalator's quote to me for retrofit of the automatic fresh water system for the watermaker
is for 978.43 Euros (excluding shipping etc). Date of Quote was 29 Nov 2005.

From Dessalator, the auto flush, "..... for an automated rinsing that functions thanks to a
pressure captor and new genergation of electronic controller. This flush works automatically
as soon as you reduce the pressure to 30 bars and stops after two minutes." "We can do this
installation for you: we need your control panel, your doble (sic) prefilter, and your electornic
controller bak in our workshop to mount this sytem. Whit this new flushing syste you gain by
the pressure captor which asl looks after the lack of water, which will prevent the o'rings of
the pump, pre pump and high pressure pumpf from burning".

I confirmed with Rod Boreham that this system only works as the pressure falls when shutting
down the system following a session of water making. There are no provisions for
automating a fresh water flush every so many days etc., while the boat is layed up or un-

Gary Silver Amel SM2000 Hull # 335 s/v Liahona

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