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can anyone assist please, after only 450 hours use, the gen set is
becoming difficult to start. On pressing the start button there are
lots of clicks from the various relays and the fuel pump but nothing
happens, no cranking,nada. Repeat the process and it will start up
after say four or five presses of the button. Have checked all
leads starter connections am now stumped and wonder if a similar
problem has been encountered. Thanks in advance Patrick CARAMELLE.
I had trouble starting and found that one of the push on connections
was loose giving intermittent starting. So far as I remember it was
one of the leads in the area of the fuel pump. The symptom was that
the fuel cut off soleniod was not being energised and therefore the
red painted rod was not moving when the starter button was
pushed.Perhaps if you pull on each lead in turn you might find a loose

Good luck, John,Bali Hai SM319

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