Light Air Sails / Bow Sprits and attachment points


Good day, I would like to get an idea of how many Amel owners have retrofitted their boats with light Air sails and of more interest how often are they used. I am specifically referring to Spinnakers, Code Zero's, Gennakers etc. 

My wife and I are preparing for an extended cruise across the Pacific and hopefully beyond. We have the factory standard Headsail Balooner and Mizzen Balooner. Anything upwind of the Balloners useful work angle seems to be a gaping hole with respect to light air.

The other area of interest is how the sail tack is attached to the boat. I have no faith that the bow roller has the strength to serve this purpose. Considering adding a separate bow sprit attached to the deck or hull.

Anything that can be shared would be appreciated.


SV Libby #196

San Diego

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