Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow Thruster Prop ... yes, I'm new here.


Yes Gary, there's a pin that hola the hub on the shaft.  The nylon bolts hold the prop on the hub.  Once the bolts are out you can pull the prop careful the pin doesn't drop out and get lost in the deep.  One of my hubs fits very tightly in the prop and requires some work to get the prop off. The other hub isn't so tight and it's easier to remove the prop.

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Hi all. Requesting your forbearance on a newbie question, but aside from 6 nylon screws and some friction, what else holds that bow thruster prop in place? I see on the photos and diagrams that there's a pin that looks to hold the inner piece in place, but does it hold the prop too? I've just been leery about putting any appreciable force on it, but I'm puzzled here. It looks so simple :) ... but then, all the great mysteries start out that way. Gary W. SM 209 "Adagio"

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