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can anyone assist please, after only 450 hours use, the gen set is
becoming difficult to start. On pressing the start button there
lots of clicks from the various relays and the fuel pump but
happens, no cranking,nada. Repeat the process and it will start up
after say four or five presses of the button. Have checked all
leads starter connections am now stumped and wonder if a similar
problem has been encountered. Thanks in advance Patrick CARAMELLE.
Amel has taken the prevention on galvanic action one step beyond any
other boat mfg. They not only have an interrupt solenoid in the
positive circuit for the motor but they also have one on the
negative circuit. When the start button is pushed both of these
solenoids must engage at the same time for the motor to start. The
cause of your problem is almost assuredly because the negative
solenoid is sticking. The good news is, it's easy to get to and
short stop around. It is in plain sight on the port side of the
engine, a cylinder shape about 1.25" dia. X 6" long, with a rubber
push button on either the top or the bottom depending on how it was
mounted. It has been mounted in various positions in an attempt to
lessen this probability of it's sticking. The next time this
happens, have one person hold down the rubber push button on the
solenoid while a second person pushes the start button. That's it.
You obviously could short across the terminals as a permanent fix
but I would not recommend this, I think the second interrupt is a
good idea when it works. I found that the sticking problem occurred
when the engine was fairly hot after an extended run and not given
enough idle time to cool down before shutting it off..

Hope this helps.

Ken Burnap
s/v Notre Vie

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