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If I were you, and since this is apparently your first time, I would order the things you need from Amel (sav"at" 

The following is the list I gave Amel for Super Maramu 387 parts will vary from year to sure and include your Model and Hull number with your order.

Amel Parts Order:

Propeller Shaft Wear Bushing and Seals (3) Replacement Kit


Seal for Amel C Drive oil drain


Set of 3 foam donuts for Bow Thruster


Set of Nylon Screws (for propeller) for Bow Thruster


Nylon Hub and stainless steel pin (for propeller) for Bow Thruster


Shaft Seal for Bow Thruster


60mm Tube Seal for Bow Thruster


You might want to order 2 each where I indicated if you have an extra bow thruster prop. When we were all new with Amels we either came very close to a line fouling the bow thruster prop, or we did foul it and the nylon parts break away saving the internal parts. Unfortunately the prop goes to the either dive for it, or you leave it on the bottom. Servicing the bow thruster "in-the-water" requires a special tool that is in the photo section of the Amel Owners Group website.There are some useful photos here:

Sometimes the hub of the bow thruster propeller is a little difficult to remove from the shaft. Before you try to remove it, look at the way your new part is made. If it is difficult, patience and care are your best resources.

If it has been a while since it the bow thruster was serviced, you may find it difficult to separate the shaft tube from the electric motor. The best way is to fabricate the metal tool shown in the photo link above. The second best way is to disconnect the "up-line" from the top of the motor, and from the outside of the boat you raise the motor and quickly pull down on the thruster tube. I did this once after using a lot of penetrating oil at the junction of the tube and motor. It took about a dozen rather violent downward pulls to do this. I later discovered the tool pictured in the group of photos above.

The reason the tube will get stuck is that there has been saltwater seepage while the bow thruster is down. The reasons for the seepage are generally:
  • You forget the bow thruster is down and sail some distance with it down
  • The bow thruster need service and the seals are worn
  • You have deployed the bow thruster down in rough seas.

Use plenty of waterproof grease at the junction of the tube and the motor when you reassemble it.

The service is not difficult and the amount of time to complete the service decreases with each service you perform.

I hope this helps you...and assuming that you are new, welcome to the Group and Amel.

BeBe 387

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I have downloaded and read the various PDF files re. thruster maint. and seal replacement.

Thanks very much to those that have posted those files.

Our Maramu is in Fajardo, PR and I intend to do the maint. in Nov. before we launch.

Q:  Where do I buy the parts for the maintenance and for spares aboard?

Thank you for your help.

Fair Winds

Curt Epperson
S/V Languedoc

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