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Wasn't the lightening strike covered by the included transport insurance?

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That's what I thought, too.  The CDrive is definitely an proprietary Amel part.
Did you find someone to work on your electrical/electronic problems?

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Hi Kent - 

I never spotted any manufacturer's identification on mine, unlike the boom and mast reduction gears that were clearly marked "Bonfiglioli".  There was a motor manufacturer's nameplate, but that's not what you're after.  I had surmised that the jib furler gear assembly was custom manufactured just for Amel, rather than being an "off-the-shelf" item like the mast & boom ones.  Isn't that the case with the "C" drive gear housing that you're replacing or was there an outside manufacturer?  It does make you wonder that Maud doesn't seem to know.
Craig SN68 Sangaris, now in Palm Beach licking wounds from lightning whilst be transported shipboard.

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