Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Super Maramu Staysail


Hello all,
last winter in Marmaris, we equipped Pilgrim with an inner forestay, furler and staysail (27 sqm). I created a folder with pictures taken during initial tests at sea.

SM2K Pilgrim's inner staysail


You can notice that the upper fitting is installed 50cm below mast head, avoiding running backstays. This design has been validated by Amel. As alreaday mentionned we have to furl the genoa during the tack changes... that's a compromise but not an issue because we have time and do not make regatta. If we need to change sevral time of tack in a narrow space with windy conditions, we use the staysail noth the genoa.
The lower fitting is in the same area as Brava but we a simplified below deck reinforcement. We will be back to Pilgrim end of this month and then able to provide additional pictures if some of us are interested.
The sheet relay pulley bracket is attached on the side of the roof, close to the main bulkhead in a very stiff area. Inside the boat, one bracket is in the electrical small upper locker in the toilet on one side  on the otherand the wardrobe No need for roller track or complicated:expensive stuff.
You can see on the pictures that we get an angle very closed to the wind. Sometimes I use the counter sheet to close the angle even more.
Results: I succeeded to furl the genoa and open the staysail in less than 1 mn allowing good comparison; true wind around 20 knots, swell below 1m.
  • Speed: same with genoa and staysail, slightly better with staysail
  • Heel average: genoa 20°, staysail 10°
  • TWA: genoa 50°, staysail 42°

We get more comfort and above all our next genoa will be much less sollicitated.

All this was done with a very good cooperation spirit with local UK Sails team that I warmly recommmend.

Hope it helps



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