Left Hand or Right Hand Thread Standing Rigging Turnbuckles

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As has been mentioned on this forum several times, there seems to be quite a difference in price when replacing the standing rigging from ECMO (Amel's Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM)  if you use right hand thread turnbuckles as opposed to the left hand thread turnbuckles originally supplied by Amel. 

Knowing that Amel almost always had a good reason for doing what they did, I would like to direct this question primarily to Olivier Beaute, if you are following this forum, or anyone else for that matter that might know with authority, why Amel used left hand thread turnbuckles?  I plan on getting my new rigging from ACMO in December and would like to understand the Amel theory prior to purchasing.

I was originally going to use StaLoks and do it myself until I discovered the discordance in the clevis pin sizes that would require me to modify (drill or ream) the various bits on the boat to accept larger clevis pins.  Plus, I think I am getting old and perhaps a little lazy.  Still, the idea of keeping my boat as original as possible remains appealing. 

Thanks in advance Olivier for sharing your expertise. I still remember with fondness the time our family and you spent together in the new Amel owners program in 2001 when we took delivery.


Gary Silver, 

s/v Liahona  SM # 335

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