Cutter rig and inner forestay

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hi Eric,
No I have not fitted an inner forestay but I probably would have done
so if I was going blue water cruising again. Unfortunately I am now
too old to sail back to the South Pacific.
If the fixing point for the top of the forestay is close, say two or
three feet down from the truck, then runners are not needed. This is
what Oyster called a slutter rig. I made the bottom of the inner stay
removable so that could be brought back to the mast where it was not
in the way when tacking. Obviously we rigged the stay for long
Am I right in thinking that you are about to cross the Pacific because
if you are and you would like a few tips I will be happy to post some
of my experiences.

Regards, John SM 319

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