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Mark Erdos



I do the same thing, but a little differently. I close the saltwater sea cock to the sea chest. I open the top, start the systems I want to flush while holding a fresh water hose over the sea chest to keep it full of fresh water. It’s a little messy but I don’t melt when wet.




Brilliant idea!



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Great idea Eric!

Where dis you buy it. I want to order one today.

Bill Rouse
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I purchased another top to the sea chest and added a hose fitting.I use this with the seacock closed with fresh water.

When i leave the boat , i run the anchor wash, both heads,the A/C system, the generator, and the engine. This leaves fresh water in all important systems.

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Ps- I agree with john,

since i have been monitoring that everyone flushes the toilets for ten seconds, i have not had any further problems with the head plumbing in about 10 years.



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> Hello Pat, I hate to disagree with Ian but the facts are that it
> is urine that causes the scale to form whethe r or not sea or
> freshwater is used to flush. As mentioned the other day the
> critical thing is to flush the toilet for a minimum of ten
> seconds to get the urine out of the system and to listen to
> other people flushing so that you can remind them of this
> important need. So far as smelly plumbing after the toilets have
> not been flushed for sometime we always flush ours thoroughly
> finishing off with fresh water from the shower and then pump the
> bowl dry before we leave and then give them a thorough flush
> when we return. Having seen the problem that Kent had with rusty
> chain it makes it clear that the anchor chain flush should be
> converted to fresh to avoid soaking it in salt water when up-
> anchoring.
> Good luck, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM319, for
> sale in Malta.
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> Pat, I converted Crusader to fresh water flush and I am pleased
> to say that since doing so, I have not had a build up problem in
> the pipes. I also installed a device that meters toilet blue
> into the toilet header tank which goes a long way to keeping the
> heads smelling fresh. Rather than use the expensive specific
> blue blocks specified by the device manafacturer I use regular
> supermarket toilet blue. The type that is soft and which is
> wrappped in dis-solvable paper will push into the dispenser and
> works very well.
> My anchor wash is now automatic and is also fresh water. Having
> a 160 l/h water maker helps. Both mods were I believe well
> worth while and have given me no problems.
> Ia n Shepherd SM2K 414 Crusader (2003) Cyprus.
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> We now have a manual raw toilet in the forward head, only a
> couple years old. My wife wants me to replace it with an
> electric one. I am debating between fresh water or raw water.
> Raw water would be easier to install and we live in fresh water
> , but will be in salt for six months a year. Fresh water would
> be more hassle to install and would use a significant amount of
> our fresh water, but has its advantages of being quiet , no salt
> build up and reduce smell from rotting organisms in the water. I
> was wondering if most of you have fresh or salt and which way to
> go. Of course another option , would be to ignore my wife's
> wishes . Thanks, Pat SM 123

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