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Hello Malcolm,
We live in Malta which is a very humid sort of place as the island is surrounded by the sea and have no problems with the boat but cannot say the same about our house as the moisture from us and laundry etc makes mould appear in all sorts of places.The Maltese word for it is moffa and you can buy anti moffa paint and so on.
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Thank you all for your replies.
Good point about leaving the fridge open - last time we didn't and came back to mould.
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Hi Malcolm
We left our boat in Ayamonte, on the boarder to Portugal dec- april 2010. We didn't do anything particularly more than emptying the fridge and freezer. Left cloths, beddings and so on. No problem with mold or damp when we returned.
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We are in our first year of owning a boat and will be leaving her in Southern Spain for the winter. We intend to leave quite a few clothes and bedding on board and just wonder what we need to do to prevent dampness / mildew etc. I did purchase a cheap silica gel type de-humidifier that you place where the clothes are kept but I'm not sure how effective this will be.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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