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I just tried my old contact at Carolina Seal.  Chuck Wilson is no longer with them and emails to him seem to be getting lost in the ether.  The new contact I was given is Tyler Hurley (thurley "at" carolinaseal "dot" com)  his direct phone is 704 940 5376.

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Thanks Kent, I would really like the sizes/part numbers from Carolina Seal for those bow thruster seals and the main propeller seals.  Like Eric, did you get the ones with the stainless steel springs?

By the way, my previous owner got a bow thruster hub made out of stainless steel instaed of Delryn, and in doing so extended the hub to enable the addition of a retaining ring that is kept in place by a stainless steel cotter pin.  Now on Brava if the worst happens and the nylon bolts holding in the bow thruster propeller get sheered off by being tangled in a stray line or a plastic bag, the propeller is retained and not lost to the depths!! To my mind, it was a great innovation.

Alexandre, your detailed pictures are marvelous as a supplement to the previous descriptions.  Can you tell us the specific bearing part numbers and suppliers that you used?  One question, besides the tape, was there also some screw(s) that you and others use to attach the Amel special tool to the shaft?  If so, are these screws part of the bow thruster shaft already?

My bow thruster shaft is very firmly stuck into the electric motor, and in January when I get back on board I want to use that puller tool from Amel to see if I can get it free.  I figure doing this in drydock is the better part of valor in case it requires some man-handling from below, as Bill Rouse has related.  Thanks to all who have written up these procedures and supplied such useful information.  Forewarned is forearmed.

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