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Mike Ondra


Our watermaker has been "pickled" off-line for 10 years. How long was yours
not in operation and how much time/expense/aggravation was/is involved in
bringing it back to function? Parts other than filters that needed



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Bill, I did not se a micron spec in the description of the filters at Home
Depot . If you and Eric use them , that's good enough for me, this winter
will be my first time using the watermaker, so I know nothing about it.
Thanks, Pat

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Water filters can be bought in many places. I started using pleated water
filters both 5 and 20 micron when I needed to buy some in Darwin. They can
be washed easily with a nozzle on a hose and can be cleaned dozens of times.

As Eric said, Home Depot is a source and here is a link to the pleated ones:


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Doesn't a set of filters from home depot work as well?


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In the past I have purchased from Filters Fast at

as well as from
There is also http://www.Great- who I believe are the Dessalator rep in the U.S.

Prices vary - much cheaper by the case.

Hope these help.

Derick Gates

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