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Pat we have used a Culligan charcoal Filters in line before the pump to keep anything from getting to the pump. Give clean good tasting water. and no chlorine so we can back flush the water maker without issues. Buy them
at most any hardware store.  

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Eric, I was wondering that as well, they look the same as what I use in my house. The only thing is ,one is supposed to be 25 micron and one 5 micron. I have never noticed a micron level on the filters I buy for my house. I wonder if with two filters how important it would be. They would be a lot cheaper.  Pat SM 123
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Doesn't a set of filters from home depot work as well?
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> Pat,
> In the past I have purchased from Filters Fast at
> as well as from
> There is also http://www.Great-
> who I believe are the Dessalator rep in the U.S.
> Prices vary - much cheaper by the case.
> Hope these help.
> Derick Gates
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