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We have a propane Magma Grill and have used it (when anchored) in 20 knot winds. We love it. We have had no problem keeping it lit.


We both get seasick and have found the best medication, with no side effects for us, is Stugeron. Outside of the USA it is sold over the counter. In the UK, it is commonly used to treat nausea for pregnant women. My point being, it is quite safe to take.


I use it sparingly. I usually take some when I know we are going to get a blow and due to it not having side effects, I have my wits about me.

Many sailors while in the USA will order it from Canada. It is very inexpensive.



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We are preparing to sail down to the Caribbean next month for the winter and want to ask a couple questions . We are debating about taking along our propane grill , its hard to keep lit in all but calm conditions , we like to grill , but do not want to haul it down if we can not use it , I do not want to deal with charcoal. Has anyone a suggestion or success grilling in windy conditions. Second , what is an effective seasickness medication ?  Thanks, Pat SM#123

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