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Rainer Huthmacher

Hi Kent,
I tasted the coolant and it was pretty discusting but I didn't taste any salt. The strangest thing is that today with the boiler hooked up again everything went fine...
Thanks for your respond...

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Was your fresh water system pressurized when you hooked up the boiler the next day?  That's exactly what happened to mine when a leak developed in the water heater.
Can you taste any salt in the coolant?
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Hi everyone,
After using my engine for about 2.5 h I found engine coolant coming out of the overflow house. When I opend the cap of the heat exchanger more coolant was coming out. The engine never came over 90 degrees. Now comes the strange thing: next morning I opend the cap again and more coolant was coming out. The engine was completely cool and the evening before there was no more pressure on the heat exchanger.
So I suspected the boiler had an internal leak and put freshwater into the heat exchanger. So we bypassed the boiler and everything was good.
Just to make shure we hooked up the boiler the next day again to see if the coolant level was rising again. Nothing happened. What else could be the problem?
The engine is a Perkins MT80 (similar to the Volvo TAMD22)
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....
Fair winds
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