Bilge Pump Run On Alarm

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

The exhaust water temp probe is indeed a good idea. The same company that makes that
alarm makes a dual channel alarm that has a bilge water level alarm and more
importantly in my book a bilge pump run-on alarm. Once I had the seal on
the water maker low pressure feed pump rupture and it was pumping sea
water into the engine compartment. The amel supplied bilge alarm finally
sounded but there was no telling how long the bilge pump had been running
trying to keep up with the ingress of sea water and sea water was sloshing back
and forth in the engine compartment by then.

I have installed this dual channel alarm system and it gives me redundancy
for the bilge water level alarm and best of all it gives me early warning any time the
bilge pump runs for more than the preselected time (in my case I have it
set at two minutes).

Gary Silver AmelSM2000 Hull "# 335 s/v Liahona

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