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When our sensor failed it would report all sorts of false readings and with the anchor up and secured, it would start counting up or down.

The anchor counter operates with 12 volts supplied by one of the three 24v to 12v SAILOR converters below the nav table, inside the right hand door. I believe it is the same converter that supplies 12V to the cigarette lighter. This is the converter market "PERMANENT." There is an ON/OFF toggle switch and extra fuses on the converter. If you plug something with too many amps into the cigarette lighter, or the 12VDC socket at the nav station, you will blow a fuse.

I would check that first if you have recently used this 12VDC power for somethng.

If not, read the following:

The anchor chain system can be powered off by pressing the reset button for 7 seconds.

The Reset button functions are:
  • Press momentarily - turns back-light ON/OFF
  • Press for 3 seconds - resets counter to zero
  • Press for 7 seconds - turns the anchor monitor OFF
It is possible to accidentally turn it OFF when trying to reset the counter to zero.

I hope this helps you.

BeBe 387

On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 7:12 AM, andrew.lamb@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

My anchor chain counter seems to have stopped working this weekend, but the display is simply showing nothing at all so I am wondering if it is a problem in the main unit rather than the sensor. I haven't yet gone behind to check power etc, but I thought I would ask a question to those who have had a sensor failure - what happened did the display show a number which would not change or does the whole unit go off?




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