Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Perkins Prima M80T manuals


Thank you for the generous offer, but fortunately another early SM
owner contacted me and will be sending a spare set of manuals for
the Perkins diesel.
I'm located in Satellite Beach, Florida (an hour SE of Orlando).
Where are you?
Seasons Greetings!
Richard Tate
SM#5 "Spice"

Dear Richard,

I own SM#3 "Mallamok" and I also have the Perkins manual plus the
manual of this engine.

If you are still interested, I could copy both and send them to

I am an airline captain and have some options where to drop the
stuff to
save some postage. So where are you living?

So if you are still interested, gimmie a note and I'll start
working on
the copy-machine.

So long, merry Christmas and fair winds.

Tom Neuland
SM#3 "Mallamok"

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