Diesel Class


Hi everyone,
Ric's suggestion that I call Jeff Leitch at BayShore Marine in Annapolis looks like it might pan out.

Jeff would like for all of us who are interested to contact him directly and let him know just what you'd like to get out of a diesel class.  BayShore Marine is a Yanmar dealer and would be using Yanmar engines for the class.  Those with Volvos would be learning the theory etc, but would have to translate it to their engines.
Please contact him at jwleitch "at" verizon "dot" net and give him an idea of what you'd like to learn.  Please copy to me at karkauai "at" yahoo "dot" com.

He doesn't think he'll have time this Fall.  How would everyone feel about doing it next Summer in conjunction with the Amel Rendezvous?

He doesn't think that tearing an engine down completely would be worth the added time and expense.  I told him I would like to have a better idea of how all the different parts work, and how to diagnose and troubleshoot the most common problems, what parts we should have in our spares, what special tools would be worth having, and some hands on experience with servicing the things we could repair or replace ourselves.

I don't have most of your contact information, and don't see a way to get it from this website.

Those who have expressed an interest so far:
Ross..............rossny at ymail dot com
Derick Gates........
Veit Mueller..........
Mike Ondra............
Mark Erdos..........
Jim DeSalvo...........
Kent Robertson........

Please send me your contact info.  Anyone else who is interested, please let me know.

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