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Hi Pat
I think that someone has changed the chain, standard is 10 mm. And yes the Rocna fit on a SM we have it, you can see pictures in the album LadyAnnila. Ours is 40 kg and we have 10 mm chain.

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I just measured my chain and it looks like its 8 mm. ,which is between 5/16 and 3/8 ,closer to 5/16. I do not know how old it is , but most of the galvanization is gone . Is that heavy enough for a 53 ft. boat ? I am second guessing my anchor as well after reading some comparisons between Bruce and Rocna. I have a Bruce 66 lbs. and here in the Bay it has always held well in the mud we have , but  wonder about conditions in the Caribbean. Does the Rocna fit the bow on a SM , any thoughts on chain, anchor , and size would be appreciated.  Thanks,  Pat SM 123

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