Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Propshaft wearing ring

Herbert Lackner

This summer we had water in the drive-oil (milky) so we hauled and changed the sealings.  We found out that there was a steel wearing ring and not the brass ring from Amel.  When the seals have been changed last haul-out only the sealings have been changed, according to the "professional" there is nothing else to do. Now I learned that the wearing ring should be changed always when the seals are changed, it is an inexpensive item from Amel (compared to an extra haul-out)

I uploaded some fotos to show how the (steel) wearing ring looks at end of life...

Th wearing ring is fixed to the shaft and the outer surface is next to the three seals.

fair winds,

tadeja and herbert,
KALI MERA, SN 120, Kusadasi

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