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Hello Maria and Ove

Happy New year to you as well. We raised the price because we have several
brokers who are wanting to sell her, and we needed to cover their commission.
If we sell her ourselves, we will of course reduce the price.

We have not done anything about the rigging, but have had no problems. All
other items (and more) have been repaired.

The moistrue content is not a problem. All boats have some, but the surveyer
told us there was no concern. He just reported the actual readings he found.

The boat has never been chartered. We bought it in Hyeres from what I think
was the original owner. They used it strictly for personal use (and not much
use at that).

Overall, she is in very good shape, and there are numerous items included I
forgot to put on the web site. For example, she has a brand new sea anchor,
numerous spare parts for the engine and bow thruster, a stabilizing drove for
use at anchor, etc.

Jerry and Cat

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Hi Cat & Jerry

Happy New Year

I have seen your yacht listed for quite some time, and I did notice
that the price have changed from 350 in the beginning to the present
375,I have been visiting your website several times during last
year, quite impressive and many good pictures, still have a few
questions : is all the recomended repairs from the survey in 2003
done? and have there been a complete mast and rigging survey as
stated in 2004? is the noted moisture readings in the survey a
reason to worry? and have there been done anything regarding this?
have the yacht ever been charted/ former history of use? and use
after 2003 when the survey were completed, location of the yacht.
time aspect of sale*?

Best Regards
Maria & Ove
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Hi Maria and Ove

We have a 1995 Super Maramu (#133) for sale that is in excellent
shape with
many upgrades. You can view her at our web site

Jerry and Cat

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel supermaramu wanted

hi and happy new year to everybody
we are a young couple that are looking for a supermaramu, and we
thinking that there might be many that is not listed through the
internet and brookers so we are also trying this way, and there
be somthing to save for bouth parts with a private sale compare
what a brooker charge today.

Best regards
Maria & Ove

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