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Hi Drew,
On KRISTY, the first two times I changed the seals I put them in per the drawings from Amel...two keeping oil in and one keeping water out.  Both times I got water in the oil before it was time to repaint the bottom.  The last two times I oriented them with the forward one keeping oil in and the two aft ones keeping water out.  I haven't had water in the oil or lost oil since making the change.

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The grooves on the WOB with steel sleeve on Kali Mera seem much deeper than I've seen.  I wonder there was a seal-size mismatch?

How many engine hours since the last seal change?
Was there enough seawater in the oil to have decreased its lubricity?
In South Africa, I had stainless steel WOB's made using new, Amel-supplied bronze WOB's as a "pattern"..  The machinist commented that these bronze WOB's  were considerably "out of round".  
The cost of the new S/S WOB's was less than 1/3rd the price of the bronze WOB's.
I would be curious to know whether owners are putting 2 of 3 seals inward to keep the oil in (per Amel) or outward to keep sea water out?

Drew and Lili
SY Revelation SM#390
Chaguaramas, Trinidad

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