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To echo Joel’s comments (not that anything he says need validation), we used Steve as a care taker for Cream Puff when first purchased for about 6 months. He is super nice and everything Joel says he is.



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Hi Alexandre and the most knowledgeable guy in Florida is Steve Leeds of
Circumnavigators Yacht Services. Steve owns an Amel, has sailed around the
world in it with his wife and son, and worked for the late great Ray Eaton
who was the Amel trained service rep for the USA. Steve knows how to do
almost all you request. He also knows all the good marine sub-contractors
here and he can recommend those who have earned a good relationship with us
over the 33 years I have been selling Amels here and representing Amel in
north America.

First, Steve is completely separate from my business. I make absolutely
nothing if you use him. I do try to direct folks to the people who offer
reliably better than average, at the minimum, service in order to keep the
good guys gainfully employed and squeeze the less than decent service
providers to leave Amel boats alone. You can get anything done in Florida.
Getting it done correctly is another matter. Steve isn't perfect but he is
professional, deliberately honest, and always tries to provide a good result
on everything he attempts. Contact Steve at circumnavigators@...
<mailto:circumnavigators@...> and his cell is 954 608 1551. My best
recommendation is that he has worked on my own personal Amel boats
unsupervised and he is still alive.

Seriously he is a good guy and he will work on our new Amel 55 demonstrator
after we finish the Annapolis show and bring it south.

All the Best, Joel

Joel F. Potter/Cruising Yacht Specialist LLC


954 462 5869

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel Transmission & Maintenance in Ft

Good morning,

Does any one has recommendation for very experienced person or shipyard with
the Amel Transmission on the SM2K in Fort Lauderdale?

I just need it to be serviced (changing the bague d'usure, seal, oil, etc.).

I have never done it myself, I would prefer pay and watch someone very
familiar with this, rather that possibly make an error myself.

At the same time, will also have:

propeller rebuild,
Wax hull,
Bow thruster services (which I can do),
Bauer scuba compressor serviced,
water maker serviced,
Volvo engine check (Turbo issue)
grease forestay
Espar heater serviced
add a second freezer,

So any recommendations for these are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance, Alexandre
Still in Nassau...

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