Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel Transmission & Maintenance in Ft Lauderdale?

Stefano Biffi

Thanks , for the time I'm still trying to find some One closer. I'll keep in mind for heavier duty.

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Hello Steve,

I checked most Amel authorised service yards in the Med for the extensive refit on Eleuthera and took my boat to Goček, Turkey (EMEK Marine)(name is Riza Cagdas) in late August.  The refit is VERY extensive and Eleuthera will remain in Turkey probably until February 2015 perhaps later.  They have a good reputation, excellent customer attention and fair prices.  This last aspect should not be overlooked.... manpower costs will be much lower in Turkey.  They also have a large machine shop and produce various components for Amels.  Lastly, he was recommended by Bill Rouse of this parish and this closed the loop for me. (Bill is one of the "gurus" on this forum.)

As an alternative, you can use Gilles Lemoulec of KarinTeam in Saint Raphael.  He is very good and shares my "anal" needs for excellence and perfection.

I am satisfied with both of the above gentlemen.

Jean-Pierre Germain
SY Eleuthera SM007

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Good afternoon, I do have same request but further EST, I'm based near La Spezia Italy, I did already bow thruster and engine (oil and fuel filter). It's time for the transmission but I'm not ready to do by my self. I'm starting to have some problem with elettronics as well like Interphase Eco. My SM is hull 185 October 97
Thanks for any recommended name 
Stefano Biffi
PS I already asked to Amel Hyeres, they told me:came here! 

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Good morning,

Does any one has recommendation for very experienced person or shipyard with the Amel Transmission on the SM2K in Fort Lauderdale?

I just need it to be serviced (changing the bague d'usure, seal, oil, etc.).

I have never done it myself, I would prefer pay and watch someone very familiar with this, rather that possibly make an error myself.

At the same time, will also have:

propeller rebuild,
Wax hull,
Bow thruster services (which I can do),
Bauer scuba compressor serviced,
water maker serviced,
Volvo engine check (Turbo issue)
grease forestay
Espar heater serviced
add a second freezer,

So any recommendations for these are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance, Alexandre
Still in Nassau...

Jean-Pierre Germain,
Chief Pilot, Cozuro Limited,
+44 7551 211 511

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