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Ian Shepherd <ocean53@...>

Hi Gary,

My apologies for not replying sooner, but I have been without the Internet
for a while here in Cyprus. I have also had to upgrade to Windows Xtra Pain
as there is no driver support for good old Windows2000 by Sony for their new
range of handycams!

It's interesting that your end caps are different to mine which are only 2.5
years old. What age is your water maker? I did notice on the Amel 54 that
the membrane housings and end caps looked much more solid and that they were
machined, but it was a totally different model to my 160 l/h unit. Maybe I
am not the only one to have an end cap split, and that is why they have gone
to a more robust and expensive design? I am wondering why you had to change
the caps as well as the membranes?

I hope to have a chat with Rod at the London Boat Show next week, and I will
ask him about the design history.

I have spoken with with Rosyne on the phone and I know what you mean. I have
also met M.Wagner, the boss, who has been most helpful in the past. If you
can get hold of him, he speaks good enough English to discuss the product. I
met him at the Cannes Boat Show.

I too have found Amel after sales to not only be very efficient, but very
fair too, sometimes not charging at all for a replacement part.

Now that I am back on my feet again, I will try and do some further tests on
the salinity probe. I will let you know the results. The plan is to put a
bung in the original probe socket then place the probe in a cup of seawater
with the unit running, and see if the output diverts overboard.

Best Wishes

Ian Shepherd SM2000 'Crusader'

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