Re: Insulating our Amel for cool/cold weather sailing

Graham Boyd

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We're planning on cruising over to Ireland, the UK and Scandinavia
next year. I have a couple of questions for those out cruising the
higher latitudes.

1. What have other members done to insulate their boats to prevent or
minimize condensation while living aboard?

2. Our Amel doesn't have any forced air or natural draft heating
system. How have you heated your boat 24x7, specifically when passage-
making and living on the hook?

Richard Tate
SM#5 "Spice"
I keep my SM on the West coast of Scotland. This is the first boat that
we have had that has not had an eberspacher heater fitted. We just run
the generator and the fan heaters whenever we want some heat and to dry
out the cabin. This works much better than expected mainly due to the
fact that the onan is very quiet and am quite glad that I did not go to
the expense of fitting a blown air system. If you do down that route
get Amel to send you the installation photos. What is of greater
importance is getting the rear screen to the spray hood fitted to make
a cosy wheel house! This has become known as the "conservatory" on
board and gets considerable use. Have a great trip the SM is a great
boat for the western Scottish waters,

Graham Boyd
SM140 "Sula"

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