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It is pretty expensive there in the season (Nov – Jun). The real cool spots are Pier 66 and Bahia Mar. I think Bahia Mar is slated for some renovations. This is where the big boys keep their big toys.


The city facilities have some better priced options. Of the city owned and operated marinas, Los Olas is the best bet (just north of Bahia Mar). This is still quite pricey at about $2400 per month for Nikimat. But, this marina is in a great spot with plenty of stuff to walk to and the beach is across the street. It is also on the bus route.


Here’s a link to the rate sheet:


Do not use the New River city downtown docks. While they seem cool from the river, they have no security.


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One place not to go is River Bend.  Really kind of dumpy.

Stephanie DiBelardino

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Does any one has recommendation for Marina in Fort Lauderdale?

I plan on staying there for a couple of months for repairs and service.

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre
Bay Street Marina, Nassau, The Bahamas.

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