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I received the following confirmation from La Rochelle regarding the photo of the wear bushing with stainless:

"(The photo you sent) is the only bushing we have today, it goes on all boats except Amel 64.


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On Oct 7, 2014 8:58 AM, "Bill & Judy Rouse" <yahoogroups@...> wrote:

Bob's photo of the new wear bushing with stainless steel was just shown to Amel Mediterranean in France by a friend of mine. They say that they are not aware of this change.

I assume that Amel has very quietly rolled this change out.

I am sending a copy of the photo to La Rochelle today for some explaination. More, when I hear more from my friend in France, or Amel.

Just thought you would want to know.

Bill Rouse
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Forgot to ask how much Amel charged, if you don't mind.
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In March, 2014 I ordered and received FROM AMEL a bronze wearing out
bearing that had a sort of Speedi-Seal stainless/inox facing on the
surface that the seals go over. I have posted detailed pics at Dropbox

When I get a chance I will try to post the pics on the Yahoo site.

I am thinking that Amel quietly changed their design for the better.
Has anyone else received one like this?

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