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I've had similar experiences lately.  You will note that Emilie is answering most inquiries now, rather than Maud.  Big learning curve for her...Big difference.

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This account I am afraid rather chimes with my recent experience with SAV and a linear actuator replacement – I was left with a distinct feeling of lack of confidence and felt it prudent to source the materials elsewhere.





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I asked that exact question among others to SAV today.

To my surprise the answer that I received the second time I asked was exactly opposite of the response I got the first time just a day ago. I am certainly not criticizing anyone, because anyone can make a mistake, anytime.

Here is what I think (key word,  think):

The bronze/stainless wear bushing that Bob Rossi received in March 2014 is either an abberation, a prototype, or something that is old. My last email to SAV informed me that the one Rossi received was the "old bushing." Here is the quote:

"" Sorry, my mistake, It is the otherwise. I hadn’t understood your question’s meaning.

On picture you sent, bushing is in steel chrome, it is the old bushing.

Today, it is a new supplier, we have the same one but in bronze. That’s the only difference.

For Amel 64, it is a bronze bushing too but in bigger size.

I hope my explanation are clearer.

Don’t hesitate questioning.

Emilie BALLION""

So, I am not 100% sure what is going on.

I will wait for some other people smarter than me to give assurances as to why Bob Rossi received a wear bushing from Amel made of bronze and stainless.

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Question: Do you (or anyone else) know whether the old wear-out bearings and their seals can be "mix and matched" with the new wear-out bearing and seals, or are they incompatable in size? 




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