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Steve Leeds

I've installed these on a number of boats in the last few years and everyone is happy with them:

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We have recently replace this and found $5.99 generic brand at the best price:
I would imagine Europe would also have a discount internet bulb supplier.
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Hi everyone,   As with most SM's ( and maybe 54s ?) I have spotlights on my main and mizzen masts.
 The bulbs are both Sealed Beam, GE 4505 28v 50w.
I rarely use these lights. In 14 years I have not changed the bulb on the main ....but the mizzen bulb burns out at the least use. I must have replaced 5 or 6, and they are a crazy price.
Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions as to the cause?  As they are designed for aircraft and rated at 28v they should be easily rugged enough .It defies logic to think that for that bulb alone there is somehow more than 28 volts being delivered. 
 Has anyone found an LED bulb that fits the same holder ?
 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Corfu, Greece

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