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Mark Erdos

Can the new Xantrex version of the Link 2000 be used as a replacement, the LinkLite or LinkPro?



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Thank you Bill,

Time by time I revised  the WEB and contacted all the shop who adv 

Link 2000 and 2000R but till now I have found anything.

At the moment the only company who still adv. both items is Dockyard Electric (Chaguaramas T&T) .

One year ago I contacted them but they had neither Link 2000 nor 2000R .

If for my next sailing season (jan. - Abr.) I did not found what I wish, I will be obliged to change the  configuration of my Energy Management.


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I saw one on eBay a few months ago. You might try there.

Bill Rouse
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Hi to All ,

my Link 2000 R was damaged from a lightning that struck not sufficiently far from Sunny Side . This is the second time I lost it for the same reason.

The first time Tekris Power (NJ) fixed it but they no longer give this  service.

Anybody knows who can repair it ?

I am also interested in buying a new one or a second hand from someone who changed to other type of Energy Management .

Fare winds

Gabriele Antolini

Sunny Side



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