Re: Amel SM: Improve waterproofing to outhaul gearbox

Alan Leslie

I agree, this is the main problem....
I thought about making some blocks to put in each side of the rectangular frame with SIKA to keep water out of the top part at least, and maybe some kind of seal material for the bottom to put under the big washer.
Also, I thought about buying stainless steel bearings...
My outhaul gearbox is completley US, we have sailed the last 1000 miles using a line from the outhaul through a block on the boom cleat to a halyard winch to haul out the main, secured it then with another line from the outhaul car to the cleat and removed the block and line...we only haul it out to about 1.5 reef, seems to work OK, but its a bit painful !
Hopefully Maude / Emilie can come up with the parts we need.

Alternatively...does someone have a source for the gears inside this Leroy-Somers gearbox ????

SV Elyse SM 437
Smokehouse Bay, Gt Barrier Is, New Zealand

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