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PAULIN Bruno <bbdpaulin@...>

Thanks for your response

I have the opportunity to test the SHARKI this week-end.
I hope the wind'll be there!!

I've already spleep one night on board.
The inside space is interresting and change comparing my little Bristol 26'
But my interrest is to sail in French Polynesia, and you certainly know that we have Windward and Leeward islands... and windward ability is important for me!!
So, perhaps I'll buy this boat #32 this week-end after my test.
her name is "LIMBO II"

best Regards


Steve Leeds <> wrote:
Dear Bruno,
I own Sharki #121 built in 1985, the first year the boat was built with all roller furling sails (the system is much heavier than later models). I believe the mast is also shorter than later models. My wife and I have sailed this boat around the world.

After some years experience with this boat and a new flat mainsail, I would say it's windward ability is good. It cannot sail to windward like a racer (but is much more comfortable), but can point closer to the wind than many popular cruising boats. We have been very happy with the boat, which we still own and enjoy.

I understand that earlier models with conventional mainsails will point better than ours.

The only significant maintenance issue with boats of this vintage is the failure of the adhesive holding up the headliner in the heat of the tropics. It is likely that any Sharki would have had this repaired by now (some better than others!)

I hope this information is helpful.

Good Luck,

Steve Leeds
Sharki 121
Circumnavigator's Yacht Service
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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