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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl


We also own a 2001 model SM purchased a few years ago and have found it to be in absolute perfect condition. We simply serviced the motor, generator, replaced the lower rigging shrouds (survey found some very minor pitting), serviced the winches, bow thruster and emptied and cleaned the fuel tank then replaced the single fuel filter with new double fuel filters with quick change over.

We could not be happier with our purchase and have sailed across the Atlantic and Pacific and extensively in Australian waters. Naturally if your rigging has not yet been replaced since new, then, if surveyed and found in good condition, replacement should still be budgeted for in the next 3 - 5 years. (Fortunately Amel SM rigging tends to be "over engineered" and very solid - however at about the 15 years mark this should be seriously considered). See posting on this site about doing this for under $10,000 by sourcing original quality rigging ready made to measure from Amel's supplier and getting a trusted quality local rigger to do the work.

Being 13 years old we have recently had a few niggly problems with the original B&G instruments - wind speed (birds on top of masthead!!) and sonic distance/speed log. The log problem started after we lifted out the water this year with lift straps exactly at the s/s boat lift points only to find that the front lift point placed the lift strap exactly on top on the front, rear facing sonar eye!!! Will always put the front lift strap 12cm behind the lift points in future. We had intended to upgrade to the then latest & B&G instruments in a few years anyway before cruising again, so this has not really been of concern to us at all.

Other than the minor issues above our 2001 model SM is absolutely perfect and we would trust it in any seaway ahead of any other boat we could think of, including at least 95% of the new cruising boats rolling off the production lines this year.

Beyond a very good survey report (including the rigging) we would completely trust Bill's advice about the previous owners. In our view it is all about who owned it ahead of you, and how they cared for her. Sounds like you have a great vessel there and in our humble opinion it is worth paying a little extra for a good boat as you will find it cheaper in the long run. Beyond this I see John & Anne's 2001 model is also for sale in Malta. I am sure John would have kept that one in mint condition too.

All the best with your decision making.

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II, 2001 SM#332
Mackay, Australia

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how much are they asking for this 2001 SM?
John Sulajon SM#347

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I know all previous owners well. Without seeing her for years, I am certain that there is probably very few Super Maramus this age that are in better condition. I believe if you buy your Amel based on all of the previous owners, you will get a boat as good as the owners. If the previous owners of Norfolk were the following, they are some of the the best owners you could hope for:
Potter - Lorado
Steele - Doodlebug
Hayden - Norfolk
I am confused at the HIN, because that does not seem correct for the SM that I know of as Norfolk...check the number you posted. For instance, the HIN for hull number 387, BeBe, is AMLSM387I203. The digit between the 7 and 2 is the letter "I". This letter indicates the month that the hull was laid up.
Bill Rouse
BeBe Amel 53 #387
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We are seriously looking at the boat above, currently in Ft. Lauderdale.  If anyone has knowledge of the boat (good, bad, indifferent) I would appreciate it.  You could email me directly at carlylelk-at-aol-dot-com if you prefer.

I would also be interested in what you think would need to be done for a boat of this vintage (maintenance items other than electronics and rigging).  

What would you have the surveyor check in particular that may not be included in a standard survey?  

Are there any recalls from Amel, or items that have a bad history on the boat?

Thanks in advance,
Duane Siegfried, St. Louis, MO.

Colin Streeter
0411 016 445

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