Re: Offshore Health Insurance



Bill & Judy, Chris, Anna-Sofie, Sharon and Drew,


Thank you very much for your helpful information. 


Our situation is that we are United States citizens.  I am 67 and my wife is 53.  I have medical coverage through the VA, which in my area (Seattle) is excellent.  It is my wife, who has had some health issues, that is in need of some sort of coverage. 


So I think we are going to access care abroad and pay as we go… when we need to we can and fly home for non-emergency care.   I think we will also purchase a catastrophic policy for Rebecca.  Obama Care can be accessed if we need to once we are back in the states.


I have been hospitalized in village hospitals in India twice with typhoid.  Both times I received excellent care (although I had to share my room with a gecko).  The doctors were excellent and the care was very inexpensive… $120 including meds for a 4-day hospital stay!


What may be of interest to others is that we have discovered that our Good Sam membership offers a program called Travel Assist.  A 15-month policy is only $79.00 for a couple.   Travel Assist provides flights home from anywhere in the world for a medical emergency or accident.  You do not have to be a RV owner to be a member of Good Sam and purchase their Travel Assist policy.   We have found our membership to be a very good investment and it covers our RV and both of our cars for towing or other roadside emergencies. 


Again, thank you all for responding.  Your views were very helpful while we consider our options.



Will and Rebecca




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