Re: Main mast profile

Craig Briggs

Hi Enio,
While your pictures do look like the mast is pulled back at the upper spreaders, I'm sure you'll find that it is a combination of the lowers holding the mast too far aft and/or the headstay and backstay holding the top of the mast too far forward. (There being no stays exerting fore and aft force at the upper spreaders.)

Re-tune by first totally easing the mizzen backstays so the triactic is slack.  Then slacken the main lowers and the main headstay and backstay. You can leave the intermediates as is.  Next, get the mast in column fore and aft by tightening the head and back stays.  Then tighten the lowers, keeping it in column.  Check side-to-side as well as fore and aft as you tune.  

Before re-tensioning the mizzen backs, loosen the mizzen lowers, get it in column with the backs and finally adjust the lowers.

As a short cut, you might just try to get it back in column by adjusting the lowers, taking up on the forwards and easing the afts.

Craig - SN#68 Sangaris

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